We are Embelis, the Dedicated Workshop for Creative Agencies.


We specialize in producing first-class packaging solutions for unique brands and occasions.

At Embelis, we enhance the offline/online client experience, with physical products that are the heart of the customer journey. We do it by crafting the outstanding packaging your product deserves.

Together let’s build an impactful communication campaign. 



About Us


We partner with passionate communication agencies to serve great brands from the luxury, cosmetics, perfume, and high-value services industries. We cocreate, manufacture and ship worldwide fully-customized boxes, vanity cases, and packaging items for marketing campaigns, exceptional events, product launches and more.

Over the years, we have gathered extensive knowledge and expertise to be the one-stop partner for these demanding projects. We are a technical, available, service-oriented and passionate team. As multi-specialists, we can create simple elegant boxes or intricate packaging that combine a large range of materials. We work with paper, wood, pulps, carton, fabric, metal, plastic and use several lines of work: Offset printing / UV / Silk printing, carving, embossing, shaping, laser cutting, assembling. Our technical experience allows us to manage your projects with the highest levels of creativity, precision and quality.


We make your designs our endeavor.


We share values of dedication, trust, perfection. We take care of the whole production process so that you focus on making and selling awesome designs.

Yves Saint Laurent – Agency : L’Encrier

Sensorial customer experience

Packaging is not a box.

It is an extension of the product, an essential part of the customer experience.

Let’s see how we can help you making the unboxing a unique and memorable moment.

We believe in beauty, preciseness and balance. One of our deepest values is the respect our client identity. We work with exact requested colors, applying Pantone on paper, fabric and more, to match your visual identity and create a harmonious product. We also respect materials as we work together with the greatest paper manufacturers. Our large range of foils and techniques opens endless possibilities. Shiny, eye-catching solutions.
We are a multi-material specialist From textured Italian papers to fabric or metal, we provide unique feelings of touch: natural, smooth, soft etc.
We integrate movement to our creations. Through the usage of popup design, we push creativity further with 3-dimensional scenes as the customer unfolds the packaging.
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About CSR

Embelis encourages the use of recycled material. We offer a vast range of durable cartons, woods and papers. All our current papers are FSC certified and we follow strict requirements when adding new references.

We advocate responsible usage of material. We follow closely every step of manufacturing to avoid waste.

We promote fair business and collaborate with suppliers with ethical labor practices.


Our Workflow


As a creative agency, you are pitching ideas and designs to your client. Submit your brief  in total confidentiality. We will have a discussion including feasibility study that will help your pushing your project forward with your client.


We excel in responsiveness by usually quoting within 48 hours.

Visualizing is great, testing is the best.

Nothing sells better than the actual product in hand.

As other competing agencies push ideas on a PowerPoint presentation, you can order and submit prototypes to your clients: a quality packaging, that they will see, touch, and manipulate.

This phase takes 15 to 21 days.


Your client has signed a deal!

We provide you with a  production planning and start the project.


From the setup to pre-shipment quality control, we communicate constantly so that you know where the project is at.

Manufacturing depends on the project, but we usually produce our packaging boxes in 15 to 20 days

We have an extensive knowledge in shipping including, sea/ air freight and customs clearance for the main world markets.

We work with great logistics companies and the biggest express shipping providers. Embelis can split shipments directly to the different destination markets.

Shipping can be as fast as 5 days.


We make sure packages arrive in the different countries, and provide support for customs clearance, etc. 


Gucci – Agency: Wildvertising

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